There are six (6) Toll Plaza's located on the 630km stretch of road between Gauteng and Maputo. They are located as follows:
  • Diamond Hill Plaza : between Pretoria and Witbank (South Africa)
  • Middelburg Plaza : between Witbank and Middelburg (South Africa)
  • Machado Plaza : between Machadodorp and Waterval Boven (South Africa)
  • Nkomazi Plaza : between Nelspruit and Malelane (South Africa)
  • Moamba Plaza : at Moamba (Mozambique)
  • Maputo Plaza : at Matola near Maputo (Mozambique)
Toll fees vary between the different plaza's, and are dependant on the category of vehicle passing through. The different categories of vehicle are defined as follows:
Class 1 - Light Vehicles  
  • These are motor vehicles with no heavy axles
  • Light vehicles include motor vehicles with trailers or caravans
  • Motor cycles, motor tricycles, motor cars and light delivery vehicles are classified in this category
Class 2 - Medium Heavy Vehicles  
  • Medium heavy vehicles are vehicles with at least one heavy axle
  • Medium heavy vehicles may not have more than one heavy axle
Class 3 - Large Heavy Vehicles  
  • Large heavy vehicles are vehicles with three or four axles where at least one of the axles is a heavy axle
Class 4 - Extra Large Heavy vehicles  
  • Extra large heavy vehicles are vehicles with five or more axles where one or more of the axles is classified as heavy

To determine what toll tariff you will be required to pay at the different plaza's, simply select from the drop-down list in the main menu.

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